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Collet Tube Pullers

Super Collet Tube Puller

Super Collet Tube Puller

Elliott’s collet style tube puller is designed to quickly pull tube stubs from tube sheets without damaging the tube sheet hole. Offering the gripping power of a spear with the speed and convenience of a collet.

Tube Size: 0.50″ to 2.50″ (12.7 – 63.5mm)
Type: Tube Puller
Application: Condensers, chillers, heat exchangers, boiler air heaters, and paper mill evaporators
Pulling Capacity: Up to 25 Tons
Pulling Stroke: 6.00″ (152.4mm)

Collet Style Tube Tugger

Collet Style Tube Tugger

Elliott’s Collet Style Tube Tugger was designed for fast and efficient tube removal in condensers, chiller, and other heat exchangers. With its 6 Ton pulling capacity, the Collet Style Tube Tugger automatically grips, pulls, and releases the tube in a matter of seconds.

Tube Size: 0.625” to 1.000” (15.9 – 25.47mm) OD
Type: Tube Cutter
Application: Condensers, chillers, or heat exchangers
Pulling Capacity: 6 Ton
Stroke: 3″ (76.0mm)
Pulling Stroke: 2.25″ (57.2mm)
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